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The focus for members in the early days was about getting out and coaching, arranging invitation games for charities and for provincial trials. As the game changed, and with the advent of professional rugby, so too did the activities and focus of the Club.

Today, the main emphasis is on rugby youth, particularly at second tier levels and their retention in the game, and primary school players.

The Club organizes an annual Fun Day for primary school players (with up to 1000 attending), a three day coaching clinic for 8 to13 year olds, a four day live-in camp at Burnham for 45-50 16 and 17 year olds, and a six match programme for a second tier Under19 representative team who play in the Cantabrian Club colours.

Other features include Golf days and organizing get-togethers and re-unions.


To promote and play the sport of
Rugby Union Football


SOL Quarries

Tiny Hill

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