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From the initial 13 members in 1957, the Club has grown , and now has a membership list of 260. This number includes players, coaches, administrators, referees, plus kindred clubs from throughout New Zealand. In other words, people who have made, and who are still making, a large contribution to the game not only here in Canterbury, but also throughout New Zealand.

Cantabrian Name

Initially the Club had no name, but by the time of the first AGM, 27 March 1957, it had adopted the suggestion of one of the Foundation Members, Pat Vincent - the name Cantabrian. It was an invented name which was not recorded in any dictionary. It is a combination of two words - Cambrian, meaning of Welsh origin, and Cantab an abbreviation for Cantabrigiensis, Latin for Cambridge.


The registration of the Cantabrian Rugby Football Club Inc as an Incorporated Society, does prevent any other rugby club in New Zealand from using the name.


Cantabrian Monogram

The shield is divided in four sections as follows:

Top left: Ship with blue background
Representing the town established by the first settlers

Bottom left: Sheaf of wheat with red background
Represents the country on which the prosperity of the province relies

Top right: A stylized cross with yellow background - a link to Cantab of Cantabrian

Bottom right: The silver fern with black background represents New Zealand

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